Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Lolo Dad’s Cafe ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


lolo dad's malate


It is in an unassuming location.

Not in the glitzy Makati nor in the swanky Fort area, this small house-turned-restaurant is modestly tucked away along Quirino Avenue, near the busy and rowdy Taft LRT station.

I love this kind of establishment, it is like a secret precious gem in this world of Swarovskis and Murano glasses.

Except it is not so secret.

With Chef Ariel Manuel at its helm, how can it be?


Save for the foie gras crust which is a bit soggy, everything in tonight’s Degustacion is perfectly executed.


IMG_7953 Blue crab, cucumber and Moluga caviar salad


IMG_7955 Espresso of roasted sweet peppers, grilled chorizo crouton


IMG_7958 Grilled Portobello mushroom, seared duck foie gras


IMG_7959 Raspberry sherbet


IMG_7962 Center cut grilled rib eye steak and beef short ribs, mushroom hash potatoes


IMG_7965 Steamed fillet of sea bass with sautéed angulas, mushroom hash potatoes


IMG_7968 Baked brie cheese with sundried tomato in phyllo, Roma tomato marmalade and warm spinach


IMG_7970White chocolate pot de crème, banana and dark chocolate croquette


Exquisiteness in a meal.


Lolo Dad’s Cafe: 899 Pres. Qurino Avenue, corner Leon Guinto Street, Malate Manila, Philippines. Tel: +632-5222941, +632-524-2295

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