Monday, August 9, 2010

La Crêperie ♥ ♥



This is what men do before they get hitched.

They cheat.


With someone prettier, sweeter and thinner than you.

IMG_5980Dulce de leche and banana crepe



Sorry, cousin Ritchie, but this is the truth.

When you were in Hong Kong, Paul cheated on you.


IMG_5990The evidence


IMG_5970Mango hazelnut au chocolat – chocolate crepe, fresh mango, hazelnut spread, sliced almond, whipped cream


IMG_5976Super Christine – fresh strawberries, homemade strawberry jam, whipped cream, chocolate sauce


IMG_5977San Gines – Spanish style, extra thick bittersweet chocolate in demitasse cup


IMG_5985Aztec – Mexican style chocolate with vanilla and a blend of spices


IMG_5984Angelina’s – Paris style rich hot chocolate served with dark chocolate couvertures (60% cacao) and a side of whipped cream


Not only did Paul eat what he was not supposed to eat, he ate it with not one, but five sizzling haaawwt chicks, too.




IMG_5993Rebecca, Felisse, Jamie, Frances, Me, Paul


Good luck explaining this to Ritchie, Paul.

And welcome to the family!  ;)


La Crêperie: Level 2, Eastwood Mall Veranda, Eastwood City, Libis, Quezon City, Philippines.

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