Thursday, August 12, 2010

jin loves to eat at home, August 2-8, 2010

August 2 lunch: all things fried at Tonkichi at The Toy House

August 2 dinner: hardcore carbo loading at Sole Mio in Soho

August 3 lunch: dimsum and congee at Canton Deli

August 3 dinner: my favorite Hong Kong Airport food – biscuits and honey from Popeye’s Chicken


August 4, 2:32pm

IMG_7423Garlic fish fillet, radish, tong ho vegetable

IMG_7426 Kiwi, pomelo, pear, plum, cherries


August 5, 10:14am

IMG_7434Tagliatelle in pesto-olive sauce, bolognese sauce and mushroom cream sauce (Guess why my birthday noodles are fat)

IMG_7437Pear, plum, apple, pomelo


August 6, 12:05pm

IMG_7585 Chives omelet, mushroom and vegetable vermicelli, spinach, radish, rice

IMG_7588 Orange, pomelo, pear, apple, plum, cherries


August 7, 12:06pm

IMG_7589Braised pork knuckles, Taiwanese style omelet, chayote, roasted garlic

IMG_7593 Banana, apple, pear, orange


August 8, 10:50am

IMG_7648 Pan fried sea bass, sautéed cabbage, Chinese pechay

IMG_7650Pear, orange, apple


Hong Kong food, I miss you.

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