Saturday, August 7, 2010

Ilustrado ♥ ♥

Probably because I feel so old already that I choose Ilustrado to be the venue for my 31st birthday dinner.

The restored 19th century house in the Walled City is a reflection of how I feel…

IMG_7469 Ancient, olden, antiquated, but still charming and timeless. Ha!!!


IMG_7471 Nostalgia…


IMG_7473Lilac and cream table setting in Bonifacio and Ongpin rooms


Ms. Jet Jetajobe of Reservations does a fantastic job creating this dinner buffet menu to fit my meager budget. Thank you, Jet!

IMG_7493Baked eggplant with mozzarella cheese and pesto – tastes a bit smoky


IMG_7492Paella Ilustrado – Ilustrado’s version is quite tasty although a bit drier than other paellas. Auntie Sab orders one to bring home, but the package mysteriously ends up in my home. Isn’t my birthday my lucky day?


IMG_7484 Bonoan bangus relleno – I am a bit worried about this at first, but the fish dish turns out to be quite good. The traditional bangus relleno is cooked in a sweet sauce that reminds me of my favorite unagi kabayaki.


IMG_7485 Roasted chicken al ajillo – chicken with a spicy kick


IMG_7488  Roast pork loin with mushroom au jus – this dish is supposed to be lengua, but many of the aunties do not eat beef. The first batch of the pork is a bit tough to the bite, but the waiter happily changes it to a more tender batch.


IMG_7481 Pancit palabok – a bit bland. Best when drizzled with calamansi juice.


IMG_7500Mango jubilee – not as delicious as when they do it at your tableside, with lights turned off and the chef hypnotizing you with dancing flames


IMG_7501And I was worried I don’t have any cake! Clockwise from top left: my cousin Nikko’s homemade panna cotta in chocolate sauce, Diamond Hotel Trilogy Cake, Diamond Hotel Baked Cheesecake, Red Ribbon Mango Cake, Red Ribbon Ube Cake, Ilustrado Carrot Cake


I wish… next year I have even more cakes!


Everyone in my favorite color. Isn’t purple so much better than red? :)


Ilustrado: 744 Calle Real del Palacio (General Luna Street), Intramuros, Manila, Philippines. Tel: +632-5273674, +632-527-2345

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