Saturday, August 28, 2010

1521 Restaurant Ӫ


So it’s Fifteen Twenty-one. Not One Five Two One.


‘Cause I don’t like the food.


IMG_0720 Shrimp Popcorns – battered, crunchy shrimps with sweet chili sauce. Too much batter, not crunchy at all, overpowering sweet chili sauce.


IMG_0723Swak na Swak Chicharon Bulaklak – deep fried savory pork intestines that is crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside. Deep fried for too long it tastes burnt.


IMG_0729 No-See Sisig – stuffed crisp empanaditas filled with crunchy minced pork and liver pate. Served with sinamak, cream cheese and sweet chili sauce. Empanaditas are soggy, minced pork not crunchy, and the whole thing is just too oily.


IMG_0734 Laing ni Popeye – creamy, melt in your mouth spinach in coconut milk, crowned with prawns and palutik. This is all mashed up, like baby food, and I don’t taste no coconut.


IMG_0738 Grilled Kare-Kare Thai-Keko – your classic stewed tripe and beef but done unusually: grilled together with all the veggie sidings and served with peanut sauce done Thai sate style. This is the only okay dish of the night, but the meat is a bit too dry.


IMG_0736 Bagoong Rice that comes with the kare-kare. Not really bagoong-y.


It’s such a shame, because I love their names.

Bad Banana Chips, Satay Kang Bata Ka!, Fillet the Cat, Bulalost for Words…

So much thought has been put into the names. Sadly though, not much into the food.


IMG_0711 Where are all the people on a Saturday night?


IMG_0747Cool bill box. Finally, something I like.


1521 Restaurant: 547 Shaw Boulevard, Barangay Wack-Wack, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila, Philippines. Tel: +632-794-0433

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