Monday, July 26, 2010

Matsubishi ♥ ♥ ♥


Imagine watching a show and eating the cast, too.

That is the reason why I love teppanyaki meals. The teppanyaki chef entertains you with eye-catching tricks and cooking techniques while preparing your food, juggling utensils, flipping ingredients and then setting them on fire.

I think Taipei has the best teppanyaki restaurants, but Hong Kong’s Matsubishi comes quite close.

We order a Matsu Set and a Katsu Set so we can do a side by side comparison of the Mitsuwa and US beef.


These are my share:

IMG_3388Salad – fresh and crisp vegetables with lovely dressing


IMG_3391Grilled king prawn and grilled salmon – prawn is firm and crunchy, salmon is tender and not at all fishy


IMG_3403Grilled king prawn head – my male eating buddy tremendously enjoys sucking on its sweet and creamy head. That is how delicious.


IMG_3394 Grilled scallop – meaty with a delicate, sweet taste


IMG_3401 Mitsuwa beef – I know you are already imagining how beautiful this is going to taste in your mouth. But stop, because you are wrong. This is way better than that. The beef just melts. Poof!!! And you are left with its essence, mixed with green onions and crispy garlic. Simply genius.


IMG_3405U.S. beef – this more economical version is actually not that bad as the beef is sliced very thinly and the same green onion-crispy garlic combination does magic to its flavors. If you’ve got a piggy bank to break, I’d say go for the Mitsuwa. It’s more than double the price, but absolutely worth the damage.


IMG_3419 Pickles and bean paste soup – just ok and just ok


IMG_3420Fried rice – looks mouthwatering but my mouth doesn’t really water. Needs more flavor. And I mean those glorious bits and pieces of beef fat flavor.


IMG_3425Fried bean sprouts - crunchyyyy


IMG_3435Green tea and vanilla ice cream – love sweet endings


IMG_3397But of course, we just HAVE to order this rich, meaty and buttery foie gras! Very oily but very good. 


Unfortuantely, at Matsubishi, we do not witness many wow moments. I think our chef is a bit shy in showing off his skills.

At least we have no need for fire extinguishers.

Still, a teppanyaki meal is always a show in itself.


IMG_3390Chef Rocky performing for us. More! More! (More food! More food!)


Matsubishi: 3/F, Renaissance Harbour View Hotel Hong Kong, 1 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong. Tel: +852-28241298

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