Saturday, July 17, 2010

Mangetsu ♥ ♥

Because we are running out of restaurants to try, and

Because CJ, my ever so pretty friend who is crazy about food but never gains a pound (CJ, I hate you!!!), recommends it.



What I like about Mangetsu:

IMG_4978I get full view of the kitchen from where we are seated upstairs


IMG_4988Do not ask. I am not sure exactly what “ozone water” is, but it sounds so clean and so healthy, I like it right away.


IMG_4994 Deep-fried chicken Nanban-style – so fresh and hot, tender and juicy, as in chicken juices drip as you sink your teeth into the thin crisp outer layer and into the soft meat underneath. The tartar sauce gives it a sweetness, sourness, and creaminess that will keep you wanting more.


IMG_5007 Salt-grilled swordfish with ponzu sauce – the swordfish is beautifully grilled and rolled up to form these simple yet wonderful tasting fish nuggets. The deep fried fish bones are tasty and crunchy, giving the dish a delightful contrast.


IMG_5006 Shrimp rice gratin – believe me, I try my very best to avoid eating rice but this rich, creamy and cheesy shrimp rice gratin makes it so damn difficult. But it’s worth it, I tell you.


IMG_5012 Azuki sweet bean ice cream with maccha sauce – I love the delicate and slightly sweet taste of red beans and I love even more the bitter and grassy taste of green tea. I know it’s good for me that this dessert is not too sweet, but when I come on PMS days, I will ask for a side of condensed milk.


What I do not like about Mangetsu:

IMG_4991 Slightly boiled tuna sashimi with calamansi and salt – tuna is already such a bore as it is, what more boiled tuna? But because our waiter highly recommends it, we let him convince us into ordering Mangetsu’s best-selling sashimi. Ugh. What are we thinking? Boring. Bland. Big mistake.


IMG_4999 Roasted sea urchin – there are some things I like better raw, like salmon, tuna belly, sugar, and uni. This roasted version of uni tastes too weird and funky.


What I am not so sure about:

IMG_4995 Chilled pureed okra soup – this sounds so unique and intriguing there is no way I am leaving Mangetsu without trying it. And it is like drinking cold okra-flavored mucous. Can be fun and exciting, or can be dreadful and disgusting. Depends really whether or not you have had a bad case of sinusitis.


Overall, still a pretty good and enjoyable meal.

Thank you, CJ, for recommending!


Mangetsu: Amorsolo Street corner V.A. Rufino Street (near Makati Cinema Square), Makati, Philippines. Tel: +632-894-1553

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