Thursday, July 1, 2010

jin loves to eat at home, June 21-27, 2010

I watched Letters to Juliet with my good friend Chiz.

The movie was 105 minutes long.

Her crying?

50 minutes long.

Some women are such suckers for new romances and second chances.

As for me, well, I am just a sucker.

Sucker \ˈsə-kər\ - a gullible person; a person easily cheated, deceived, or imposed upon (Sources: and


June 21, 11:25am

IMG_5544 Shrimps in XO sauce, assorted mushrooms, creamy mushroom rice

IMG_5546 Jackfruit, cherry, pomelo


June 22, 10:05am

IMG_5547 Broccoli, chayote, Chinese cabbage, green peas, mushrooms

IMG_5552Kiwi, jackfruit, pomelo, ???


June 22, 7:17pm

IMG_5556 Ham with olives, sausage and provolone on sourdough


June 23, 11:00am

IMG_5558 Shrimps, seabass, assorted vegetables, chinese sausage claypot rice

IMG_5560 Dragon fruit, apple, kiwi, pomelo


June 23, 8:11pm

IMG_5563Fried grouper fillet, curry rice


June 24, 11:45am

IMG_5567Salt-baked chicken, grilled fish, assorted vegetables, garlic rice

IMG_5570Kiwi, arbutus, dragon fruit, cherry, plum


June 25, 12:18pm

IMG_5627 Sautéed mushrooms, pork adobo, adobo rice

IMG_5631 Kiwi, pomelo, peach, red dragon fruit


June 26, 10:52am

IMG_5635 Red dragon fruit, kiwi, cherry, pomelo


June 27, 11:49am

IMG_5662Fish, black fungus, celery with shrimps, broccoli

IMG_5666Cherry, red dragon fruit, kiwi, pomelo, banana


50 minutes.


And I thought I was a crybaby.

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