Friday, June 11, 2010

JIA Boutique Hotel, Hong Kong ♥ ♥

JIA Hotel is all about the chairs.

Fab, funky, awesome, chichi chairs.



IMG_3227  IMG_3230



IMG_3235  IMG_3240   IMG_3250  IMG_3245

IMG_3342And there’s coffee, tea, juice, water, peanuts and crackers in the lobby all day


Upstairs, my 380 square feet Studio One room feels tiny and cramped.

How tiny and how cramped?

IMG_3170That’s me standing at the door


IMG_3174That’s me sitting on the couch.

The End.


IMG_3172Well, at least the bed is comfy


IMG_3177But the shower door doesn’t close properly so every time I bathe, it floods


Even though I love JIA’s lobby and all its cool chairs, until I can afford the much bigger one-bedroom suite, I’d rather not stay in this shoebox again.


Nonetheless, I super love the clever and witty names JIA calls its bathroom items.

IMG_3360Toothbrush set as Smile Maker, shower cap as Head Shelter


IMG_3491Shampoo as Head Start, conditioner as Head Smoothie, shower gel as Freshen Up, body lotion as Smooth Operator


And these smart-ass signs that hang on my door

IMG_3254That’s me!


IMG_3252And yes, that is me again!



Tip for the foodie-travelers: The Drawing Room restaurant inside JIA hotel serves excellent Italian fare.


JIA Boutique Hotel: 1-5 Irving Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. Tel: +852-3196-9000

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