Monday, May 17, 2010

jin loves to eat at home, May 10-16, 2010

Tell me, am I eating too much?

May 10, 11:07am, before a Seafood Salad and Tiramisu lunch at UCC

IMG_4294Pineapple, pomelo, orange, pea, cantaloupe, dragon fruit


May 11, 1:38pm

IMG_4359Garlic sole fillet, radish, carrot, chayote, spam fried rice

IMG_4360Pear, pomelo, dragon fruit, apple, guava, green and yellow kiwi


May 12, 12:55pm

IMG_4364Assorted mushrooms, spinach, mackerel, rice

IMG_4366 Pear, kiwi, chico fruit, pineapple


May 12, 7:33pm (playing the good girl tonight by staying home for dinner)

IMG_4370Pork fillet, water spinach, bell peppers, crabstick rice


May 13, 7:45am (I wake up early for breakfast once a week!)

IMG_4378Roast beef on wheat pandesal

IMG_4382Yakult and strawberries


May 14, 11:39am

IMG_4411 Roasted beef belly with garlic, mackerel, broccoli, squash

IMG_4412 Strawberries, apple, dragon fruit, chico fruit, kiwi


May 15, 11:00am, before a Sukiyaki, Ebi Tempura and Unagi Temaki lunch at Tanabe

IMG_4419 Dragon fruit, kiwi, apple, pomelo


May 16, 11:16am, before a big Chinese lunch at Eat Well

IMG_4443 Apple, kiwi, dragon fruit, pomelo


I guess I am eating a bit too much and it is beginning to show, because a concerned friend recently had this delivered to my house:

IMG_4539 Micro computer strong shaking belt to slim down my abs, thighs and butt


Thanks, man!

But I have to tell you, this is a battle I will never win.

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