Thursday, February 4, 2010

W52 Ӫ


Because it is new.

Because it is in Central.

Because Italian food gives the impression that we are eating light and healthy.

Because it is a nice and quiet place to get together for Christmas dinner.

We choose W52.


IMG_8029A stiff and aristocratic-looking man comes to say hello. Chill, dude! How about a little smile?


IMG_8037Homemade breads and dips


We order many dishes, but only one is good.

IMG_8052White truffle risotto. Part of the Tantalizing White Truffles Set Dinner. Excellent.


All the others, ordinary, forgettable, boring, blah.

 IMG_8043Fresh whole lobster salad


IMG_8047 Seafood soup


IMG_8049  Paccheri with fresh crabmeat


IMG_8058Casoncelli and pears served with butter sauce and crispy bacon


IMG_8063Seabass tortellini with dry martini, tomatoes and carmelised orange peel


IMG_8064Conchiglioni pasta with fresh Italian clams and turnip florets


IMG_8054 Pan-fried wagyu beef with parmesan and arugula salad


IMG_8071Roast rack of lamb flavored with fresh mint


IMG_8075  Chocolate mousse


IMG_8077Apple strudel with ice cream


Other dishes from the Tantalizing White Truffles Set:

IMG_8045Soft polenta piedmont style with poached egg, marcarpone cheese sauce and white truffle


IMG_8059 Pan-fried beef tenderloin with goose liver, Malvasia sauce and white truffle


IMG_8074   Janduia affogato with chestnut ice cream and white truffle


The disappointing meal at W52                                         HK$ 7,xxx

Tantalizing white truffles set dinner                                HK$ 1,2xx

Price tag for a bottle of still water                                      HK$ 6x + 10%

Male stripper fee for 30 minutes (don’t ask!)                 HK$ 2,000

Company of good friends                                                       Priceless


There are some things money can't buy. For everything else, there's MasterCard. Hihihi!


IMG_8068 Edith, Cathy, Charles, Me
Melvin, Paul, Ritchie, Ann


IMG_8137W52 toothpicks. What I like better than the food!


W52: 52 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong. +852-6768-5252.

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