Sunday, August 2, 2009

Gansozushi at Narita ♥


My last day in Tokyo. My first conveyor belt sushi.


gansozushi at narita


The original plan is to have ramen before our flight as the Japanese noodle dish is the only item we have not yet covered in our Pig Out Bible - 1001 Ways to Gain 10 Lbs. on a 4-Day Tokyo Trip.

However, as we pass by this sushi carousel restaurant, we agree a slight change of plan is in order. Revised Plan: Have 2-3 pieces of sushi for appetizer, then go get that ramen.


Our 2 to 3-Piece Sushi Appetizer:

unagi sushi Unagi Sushi – My No. 1 Favorite

This is how all unagi sushi should taste like. Sweet, tender and so generous! Just look at that fish-rice proportion. The minute this sushi lands in my mouth, I wish to God ramen never existed.


hotate sushi Hotate Sushi – My No. 2 Favorite

So plump and juicy! These scallops are so fresh you taste sweetness in every bite. And it is so good it causes amnesia. Ramen? What ramen?!?!

But everything goes downhill from there.


negitoro sushi Negitoro Sushi – has the toro color but not the toro flavor


uni sushi Uni Sushi – bitter and fishy, the worst I’ve ever tasted!


In our attempt to be more adventurous, we try these never before seen pieces:

IMG_0602Shrimp and Shrimp Paste Sushi – tastes as funky as it looks


IMG_0615 Egg White Foam and Okra Sushi – tastes as slimy as it looks


Oh well, so much for training our tastebuds to be more daring.

And as if on cue, while we get ready to leave with disappointed stomachs, plates of our favorite sushi innocently creep up under our noses, reminding us of the few good things this sushi joint offers.

A pause.

Some deliberation.

A questioning look.

A knowing smile.

A go signal.

And before the conveyor belt takes them out of our reach, we each grab a plate of the unagi and hotate sushi and happily wolf down our last Tokyo hurrah.




Gansozushi 元祖寿司: 4th Floor, Main Building, Terminal 2, Narita International Airport. 成田国際空港 第2ターミナル 4F. +81476-348070

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