Monday, May 25, 2009

yes, i LOVE to eat!


A friend once called me a walking Michelin. Good food is my passion and I am in constant search for it. Because of this, I have dined in more places than most people, making me weigh much more than most people, making me the go-to person of friends for restaurant recommendations, reviews, down to the dishes to order.

Whether or not he also meant I bear great semblance to Bib the Michelin Man, I chose not to ask.

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With much persuasion and encouragement from friends come the birth of this blog. I hope you enjoy reading about my food adventures as much as it excites me to share them with you. I wish only that I had taken photos of all my past meals. Nonetheless, I will try to document as many as I can from today on, even if it is pure torture to see and smell food but not be allowed to taste until I get some decent photos! So to my will-be eating companions, thank you in advance, my dahlings, for being so patient!

Hence the story of my love affair with food begins. ♥

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