Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Cats and Clocks in Osaka


Sometimes I like to wander.

I know I am obsessive-compulsive when it comes to my travel itineraries, but once in a while, I welcome this thing called spontaneity. 

Like this late night in Osaka.

Feeling restless in the hotel room, I grabbed my jacket, hopped on the train, and got off at the most interesting-sounding station, absolutely clueless where it will take me.

It brought me to this underpass.



IMG 6979

I always feel safe walking alone in Japan, even at the eeriest time of the night.



IMG 6980




IMG 6981

Guessing this is a takoyaki shop



IMG 6983

It also brought me to this very local eatery. I wasn't able to get the name of the shop,
I don't think the shop even has a name, but if it did, it would probably be "Cats and Clocks"





IMG 6989

Clocks and cat photos on the wall



IMG 6997

More clocks and cats 



IMG 6990

Cat pins



IMG 7008




IMG 7003

 More clocks



IMG 7013

Another clock!!!



IMG 7002

Another cat!!! 



I think the owner is obsessed!!!

They have a few vintage items on display, too.


IMG 6992

Old typewriter 



IMG 7009

Old fan



IMG 7011

 Old sewing machine



IMG 7006

EEEEEP!!!! This doll creeped me out a little.



IMG 7014

 This girl, too. Lol. :P



IMG 7015

I love discovering local independent places like this.
It's like Cafe Juanita's long lost Japanese sister. 



IMG 6986

People from the neighborhood come here to drink 



IMG 6984

I came here to eat a little midnight snack



IMG 7016

Gotta love the drinks menu!



IMG 7018

Like I said earlier, I feel totally safe in Japan, even when commuting alone at the weirdest hours.
It also helps that the metro has cars exclusively for women.



IMG 7021

 Caught the very last train! Whew!



IMG 7022

 Another thing I love about Japan - vending machines everywhere!
These were at the Namba Station.



IMG 7033

My favorite buys: Japanese milk and coffee


IMG 1010

This girl can't go to bed without having her milk


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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Wakkoqu ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


When in Kobe, eat Kobe beef.

That was exactly what I did on my day trip to the city.


IMG 6939


Out of all the kobe beef restaurants, I chose Wakkoqu because its website promised this:

"We choose our cattle with the skill of expert ranchers. We love music like talented musicians. We select tableware with the flair of designers. When you visit Wakkoqu, our staff will bring to life the true meaning of the quotation from Brillat Savarin - By making you feel at home, we enrich your experience and enhance the flavor of the cuisine." 

And true to its word, Wakkoqu gave me an experience I will remember for years.



IMG 6881

I adore restaurants with a nostalgic feel




After I was seated down comfortably, the teppanyaki chef presented to me my slab of kobe beef.
Look at that dangerously handsome meat, lounging on a wooden board in all its marbled glory.




And then the chef started prepping the garlic.
Garlic is VERY important to any teppanyaki experience.



IMG 6892

 For dipping, dabbing and sprinkling needs



IMG 6895

He trimmed off the fats.
I was so worried he would throw the precious things away.



IMG 6898

And then he did this. WHEWWWW!!!!!!!!!



IMG 6900

My Kobe Sirloin Set came with pumpkin soup



IMG 6910

And a simple but very fresh salad



IMG 6906

 And then THE MEAT. He started me off with the leaner part. Yes, guys, this lovely thing you are 
staring at - this pink flesh laced heavily with adipose tissue - it was the leanest part of my steak.



IMG 6922




IMG 6911

I was grateful for these vegetables that cleansed me of the sins I happily committed



IMG 6925

 More meat, the fattier cuts this time. This was my favorite of all. Nicely browned on the outside
and incredibly beefy, fatty, flavorful and full of umami inside. I devoured each piece topped
with a few garlic chips and every bite brought me straight to heaven.



IMG 6918

Sorry for the blurry picture, I fell dizzy with excitement (and probably too much cholesterol)
when I saw this.



IMG 6919

 How to eat your vegetables at Wakkoqu



IMG 6931

Seriously. I don't think I can ever eat plain bean sprouts again.



IMG 6930

The best rice in the world is Japanese rice



IMG 6933

Sweet ending to my perfect meal



IMG 6936

Coffee to wash all the goodness down


Do not miss kobe beef when in Kobe. It is Japan's greatest gift to the world.



IMG 1004

Feeling and looking like a cow after devouring the gift of cow :D


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Wakkoqu: 1/F Hillside Terrace, 1-22-13 Nakayamate-dori, Chuo, Kobe City, Japan.
Tel: +81 078 222 0678

Wakkoqu Website


Monday, April 20, 2015

Kiyomizudera 清水寺 ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


IMG 6352

  Kiyomizudera in Kyoto is the temple of the Goddess of Mercy. Since its foundation, the temple
has burned down so many times and most of the buildings were rebuilt during the early Edo
period between 1631-1633. It was listed a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site in 1994
and is Jinlovestoeat's top place to visit in the former imperial capital of Japan. 



IMG 6357

The Deva Gate 



IMG 6361

The Guard of the Deva Gate. Hear her roar!
OINK!!!!! Hahaha! :D



IMG 6366

Three-Story Pagoda



IMG 6371

Next to the pagoda is the Zuigudo Hall dedicated to the mother of Buddha. Make sure to walk
through the basement where you will be enveloped in complete darkness. The pitch black
space is said to symbolize a mother's womb. There is a minimal fee involved, but do it!
It's a cool experience.



IMG 6377

Obligatory washing or cleaning of the hands before entering the main temple



IMG 6380

The Main Hall is a national treasure of Kyoto and houses the eleven-faced thousand-armed
Kannon, who is said to possess the power to grant every heart's desires.
There were too many people praying to it I gave up trying to take a decent photo.



IMG 6379

 But I took one of this pretty lamp :)



IMG 6441

Connected to the Main Hall is the Kiyomizu Stage, which is probably the most photographed site
in all of Kyoto. More than 410 cypress boards make up its floor and the whole structure was built
using 12-meter high pillars assembled without the use of a single nail! Whoa!!!



IMG 6443

 The view of Kyoto and its sea of colored leaves from the Stage is truly magnificent!



IMG 6383

Behind the Main Hall stands the Jishu Shrine, the mecca of love and matchmaking.
The Chinese character in the round signage says "Yuan" which means Fate or Destiny. 



IMG 6386

In front of the shrine you will find the two famous love stones, placed 18 meters apart 



IMG 6424

It is said that finding your way successfully from one stone to the other with 
your eyes shut will make your love wishes come true. I DID NOT DARE TRY!!! 
I am terrible enough with directions with my eyes wide open so I refused
to do this and subject my "yuan" to more delays! Lol! 



IMG 6425

Rules of the game



IMG 6422

 You see hopeful young girls with their eyes closed walking EVERYWHERE!!! 



IMG 6397

Those who were not walking were busy hanging up their love wishes on this board



IMG 6408

There's really nothing to lose by trying, plus it looked like a lot of fun, so yes, I wrote my
own personal wish, too. ;)



IMG 6404

Look at all the successful love stories. On this board are names of couples who came and 
prayed and lived happily ever after. And hopefully, still living happily together!



IMG 6415

The most amusing thing for me was this bucket of miracle water



IMG 6420

Miracle because you write down your troubles on a 200-yen piece of paper, drop
it into the water, watch the paper dissolve and ta-da!!! Gone are your sorrows! 
Isn't it grand???



IMG 6388

And what is a visit to the love shrine without buying a set of love keychains?



IMG 6389

Like this one, to "bind your love tightly"



IMG 6434




IMG 6430

Patting the bronze Daikoku's head for more prayers to be answered



IMG 6465

At the base of Kiyomizudera's main hall is the Otowa Waterfall where water has been flowing
from the mountain since the temple's foundation. Visitors use a ladle to drink the sacred water, 
choosing from three different streams that represent longevity, success in school and 
luck in love. Choose only one, don't be greedy!



IMG 6447

On the way out I stopped and looked back so many times to marvel again and again at this beauty



IMG 6455

This man tried to capture the splendor in watercolor. His painting looked like a dream.



IMG 6477

I believe Kiyomizudera is beautiful all year round... a gentle, snowy white in the winter,
pretty cherry blossoms in the spring, but I'm glad we came during my favorite season - autumn!



IMG 6484

In autumn, the sky can be as feisty as szechuan peppers



IMG 6483

Or as romantic as a pistachio strawberry cake



IMG 6460

Or matcha with adzuki beans!



IMG 6471

There is really nothing like it.
Kiyomizudera is one of the most celebrated temples in Japan and absolutely
a must-visit when in Kyoto!



The fun actually starts on the walk up to the temple through the streets of Higashiyama District. The busy alleys are lined with restaurants and shops selling souvenirs, local delicacies, trinkets, cream puffs and whatnots. Check out my photos here.

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Kiyomizudera Website


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