Sunday, December 20, 2009

One-ThirtyOne ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


Do not trust Jason. He kisses and tells.

We share one beautiful night.



And then what does he do?

As soon as he gets home, he writes about it and posts it online, on his blog, for all the world to see.

My deepest, most-guarded secret. Not so secret anymore. Just like that.

Men. They are all dogs!


IMG_7961  My secret warm and cozy dining room


IMG_7959   My secret Christmas centerpiece


IMG_7965My secret homemade breads


IMG_7970My secret Boston lobster ragout with lobster vinaigrette topped with spiced mango foam & wild arugula


IMG_7972My secret salad of French ice leaf, Japanese green house melon, Spanish 36 months cured Iberico bellota ham & hazelnut vinaigrette


IMG_7980My secret cappuccino soup of wild mushroom topped with Italian autumn truffle


IMG_7983My secret char-grilled swordfish & Canadian sea scallop in Mediterranean style


IMG_7990  My secret calamansi sorbet


IMG_7995My secret slow-cooked USDA prime sirloin & Australian Wagyu beef cheek in Madeira sauce with porcini mushroom, "petits pois," baby carrot & baby potato


IMG_7998 My secret assortment of cheeses


IMG_8001  My secret cheese board with a little of everything


IMG_8009My secret enemy keeping his oath: I must not waste good stuff!


IMG_8007 My secret chocolate-raspberry soufflé with Madagascar vanilla ice-gelato


IMG_8011  My secret coffee and petit fours


Thanks to Jason, my secret is out.


It is THE BEST restaurant in Hong Kong.


And as for The Bon Vivant,

We’re still friends. But only because it’s Christmas, Jason!


Seriously though, this guy’s generosity and dedication in informing the foodie community of great restaurant discoveries is admirable. If it were up to me, One-ThirtyOne will remain forever unblogged.

Now will someone please give my food blogger friend here the Nobel Prize Award in Food Philanthropy? 


For those  of you wanting to come to One-ThirtyOne, may I, in good faith, discourage you to do so, because this place is not only very far, but it is also EXTREMELY difficult to find. I don’t want you to get lost. I  say this in good faith, believe me.


IMG_8028This is the wrong gate. Please do not enter.


IMG_8020This is the wrong door. Please do not go in.



One-ThirtyOne: 131 Tseng Tau Village, Shap Sze Heung, Sai Kung, Hong Kong.
Tel: +852-2791-2684

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Tung Po 東寶小館 Ӫ


tung po hong kong


Kevin thinks that all the restaurants I go to are very “gweilo/expat.” Being the good friend that he is, he appoints himself the task of educating me about Hong Kong local dining scene and brings me to this dai pai dong for our first lesson in The Appreciation of Local Cuisine for Dummies.

My friend here takes his role as a teacher very seriously so I do my best to be a good student. Yes, Professor K, I am taking down notes.

A good local restaurant must have:

1. 100% table occupancy by 7:18pm on any weekday, a very crowded and very noisy dining area filled with sticky tables, plastic stools and hungry customers cramped up against each other. 99% locals, of course.


tung po hong kong


2. A nice and bright plastic pitcher (compliments of Blue Girl Imported  Premium Beer) to serve as wine chiller for your “self-bring” beverage. And a $30 corkage you “must” pay, emphasis on the word must indicated in the menu.




3. A triad-member-by-night-waiter-by-day punk sporting an Asian mohawk to take your order and beat you up if you dare write a bad review about the food he serves. Gulp!




4. A strangely named signature chicken dish called Wind Sand Chicken 風沙雞 that doesn’t really taste windy and sandy, thank God! Medium-crispy skin, fried garlic bits, it tastes just okay. I think I can get better versions at my “expat” restaurants.




5. Anything that has to do with money and wealth and treasures and the number 8. In Tung Po, it’s gold. They claim they cook their shrimps in gold, thus the name Golden Shrimp 黃金蝦. I enjoy sucking on the shrimp heads, but other than that, I find this dish just average, very mild taste, shrimps a bit overcooked. I wonder if the locals know that the so-called “gold” they eat here is actually just salted egg yolk. Hmmm…




6. Some noodles for longevity and some balls for prosperity. Squid Ink Squid Ball Noodles 墨汁墨魚丸意粉 is the most popular dish in Tung Po. I see black on every table. Black squid ink, I see but I do not taste. Except for the balls which are quite tasty, this dish is so boring I almost fall asleep eating it. I think people order this just to get a few laughs.



 Know what I mean? Hahaha!!! I hope Professor K doesn’t read my blog!


7. A modern/fusion item in the menu to keep up with the times. Tung Po’s atomic green Fried Durian 炸榴槤 does it in appearance but fails drastically in taste. Extremely hard skin with frightening amount of green food coloring and some kind of pasty, non-durian-tasting goo inside, this is a total disaster!




8. Free sweet soup at the end of the meal. Grass Jelly in Ginger Soup 薑汁涼粉. Very strong ginger taste. I likey. Like how they say the best things in life are free, after this $500 dai pai dong meal, I realize the best thing you get from Tung Po is this dessert soup that is free.



Now I gotta run before that Asian mohawk hoodlum comes and beats me up.


Tung Po 東寶小館: 2/F Java Road Municipal Services Building, 99 Java Road, North Point. 北角渣華道99號渣華道市政大廈2樓. Tel: +852-2880-5224

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wagyu Steak at Flat C3 ♥ ♥ ♥


IMG_4008My place


I met someone today.  :)

At Taste, while I was shopping for food some basic necessities.

I know this is so cliché, but it has finally happened to me.

L♥ve at first sight. ♥ ♥ ♥

So this is how it feels like. Uncontrollable. Unexplainable. Undeniable.

To all who said it is overrated, I am sorry, but that thing you thought you felt, that wasn’t the real thing.

I didn’t want to wait. I couldn’t. Waiting hurts.

I called my friend Shirley. Shirley said go for it.

Heart pounding, hands freezing, voice quivering, I walked up to him.

“Hi. Do you... umm… wanna come over to my place… umm… for dinner?”

He smiled.

And I took him home. 

Shameless. I know.


wagyu steakWe had Japanese Wagyu, Grade A5.
Because a special occasion like this deserves nothing less.


wagyu steakIn our rush and excitement to get to the most awaited, the most erotic part of the night,
we didn’t even bother rubbing salt and pepper evenly on the meat.


wagyu steakHot pan. Olive oil. 2 minutes each side. Medium rare. Transfer to plate.
No garnish. No frou frou. 


IMG_3978Some store-bought bread. Ham and cheese, garlic.


IMG_3987Some spaghettini, stir-in pesto, grated parmesan.

We chitchatted, smiled, teased, and finished dinner in no time.

Tried to relax a little. Talked a bit more, smiled a bit more.

And then, knowing what was to come, we excused ourselves, used the toilet, freshened up, and with grave difficulty, tried to hide the impure thoughts, to suppress the yearning, the carnal desires, to contain the lustful smiles, and hold back that gushing wetness.

Then finally, it happened. 

And it was wild and crazy and everything we imagined it to be.




Shirley and I wiped the gushing wetness off our mouths and started devouring and assaulting the cakes, moaning and closing our eyes in guilty pleasure. The most awaited, the most erotic part of the night.


Shameless, I tell you.


As for the guy I took home, Mr. Japanese Wagyu Grade A5, I still love him. After all, who doesn’t love a good foreplay? We all know how essential it is to reaching the most powerful, the most mind-shattering, the most spine-tingling, the most heart-stopping Big O.



Sweet Stuff by Jill ♥ ♥ ♥




Seriously, Jill, are we really friends? Why do you put me in the Cookie Room when I stay over at your house? Do you think it is funny torturing me all night with the wonderful sight and smell of your baked goodies? How do you expect me to have a good night’s rest when the sole reason for my being lies there in piles, in full view in front of my bed. Tell me, Jill, why do you do this to me?

Yes, you did let me have a piece of your famous Ice Cream Roll before bedtime, that ice cream roll so light I don’t feel a bit guilty after polishing off the whole thing. With every mouthful you amaze me with how you keep the cake so soft and moist even below 0 degrees. Spill, Jill. Or else.


IMG_7686 Ice Cream Roll


I toss and turn all night, not able to sleep because I hear muffled cries.

Jill’s prisoners. Crying out to me. Crying out for help.


I help them. All of them. One by one. I tear open the wrappers that hold them captive. I help them escape.

Ahhh… the taste of freedom.


IMG_7828Dark Chocolate Lace Cookie
Super thin layer of dark chocolate in between super thin and crisp layers of oats. Not too sweet. But not too not-sweet. Delicate. Pretty. Easily my favorite.


IMG_7754Spiced Oatmeal Cookie
Big rolled oats, plump and juicy raisins, chunky walnuts and cinnamon spice make this cookie oh so nice. Another one of my favorites.


IMG_7772Walnut Brownie
Crisp and crumbly on the outside. Soft and fudgy on the inside. Walnut overload. It cannot be a bad thing.


IMG_7921Fudge Brownie
If calories scare the daylights out of you, just inhale. This fudge brownie is so chocolatey rich you can already taste it just by breathing it. But don’t be a wimp, this is worth all the extra extra extra calories.


IMG_7922Revel Bar
Oatmeal bar with dark chocolate peeking out here and there and everywhere. It looks a mess. But a delicious mess it is.


IMG_7930Food for the Gods
Because only the Gods are worthy of such goodness. Amen.


IMG_7789Fruitcake Cookie
Fruitcakes. The only thing about Christmas I dread. I hate all fruitcakes. I hate them with a vengeance. All but this fruitcake cookie. Oats, dates, walnuts, brandy. And not just any brandy, mind you. Jill steals her dad’s expensive brandy to make this. Sorry, Jill’s dad, but I love it! It tastes like how Christmas should be. Merry. Give this to all the Grinches out there and turn them instantly into jolly old Santas. Ho! Ho! Ho!


IMG_7816 Gingersnap
Chestnuts roasting on an open fire… A bite of this ginger cookie transports me to a warm and cozy cottage, with Christmas tree dressed in beautiful lights, Christmas stockings by the fire, me on a rocking chair looking out the window, watching beautiful snowflakes blanket the ground. Try it to believe.


One by one I save these babies. I free them from their brown foil torture chambers and deliver them one by one into the safety of my stomach.

You’re safe now, my babies.

You’re home.

And as for me, well, what can I say?

I am a hero.


Sweet Stuff by Jill: 496 D. Jakosalem Street, Cebu City, Philippines.

To order, contact Jill at +6332-2532299, +639173210700, +639322315342

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Pierre ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Last Christmas I gave you my heart, but the very next day you gave it away…


And it is December again. Christmas makes me think about the past years, the good times that I will always cherish, and the not so good times that made me the stronger and better person I am right now.
Pierre is one of them good times.


Interiors elegant yet welcoming, service attentive but unobtrusive, wait staff who remembers our favorite dishes, booth seats facing the breathtaking view of the harbor, wonderful company, and the food.
Oh. My. Gawd.
Please forgive the poor quality of the following photos. Take note that these were taken during a time when my interest in boys ruled over interest in food. Gasps!!! I know, right?? I am so glad I have finally grown up. 

12292007133 Amuse Bouche

12292007136Soupe au foie gras
I will not even attempt. No human ever should. To put into words how good this soup is is like the search for the perfect man – impossible. A beautifully seared foie gras sitting in a pool of rich and creamy foie gras juices. This is ultimate indulgence. Sacred, I daresay. It is a noble and worthy cause for death by cardiac arrest. Gagnaire is a genius.

12292007135Soupe de champignon
This is the real deal mushroom soup. To make, dump fresh mushrooms, mushroom stock, mushroom gravy, mushroom paste, mushroom cream, mushroom flakes, mushroom salt, baby mushroom, mama mushroom, papa mushroom and the whole mushroom family in food processor and press start. It’s really very mushroomy. Bring it up to the Pierre level by emptying a whole bottle of expensive truffle oil. Yum.

12292007134Black Truffle Something

SNC11640 63° egg

12292007142 Rack of Lamb roasted with oregano, finished in a fresh herbed butter

12292007144Part of the lamb entree. Lamb loin and some veggies.

12292007143 Ewe’s milk and olive oil ice cream, sweet garlic piquillos

12292007145Still part of the lamb entree. Beans.

12292007150Lobster Tempura

12292007147aLobster Bisque and Lobster Tail
Do not be fooled by the sorry appearance of the lobster tail. It is by far the best lobster dish I have ever had. It is cooked to perfection. Strong emphasis on the word perfection. That very millisecond when raw becomes cooked, that blink of an eye moment when the lobster is at its prime state of crunchiness and tenderness, the chef takes it out from the fire and rewards me with a tiny piece. Because such precision, such perfection is too precious, too valuable.

If only people see relationships the same way.

12292007151Chocolate cake, sugar coated blueberries, mousse, jelly

12292007152 Petit Fours

Last Christmas I gave you my heart, but the very next day you gave it away. This year, to save me from tears, I’ll give it to someone special…

Yoohoo!! Someone special? Are you there??

Where are you???

Pierre: 25/F, Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong, 5 Connaught Road Central, Central, Hong Kong. Tel: +852-2825-4001
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